How it works

Pizzachatbot is the simplest and easiest tool to help bars and restaurants receive online food orders on Whatsapp.

If you are a bar or restaurant that serves food at home, we are sure you have wondered how to make your customers order in a simple and friendly way, just as you would treat them when they come to your establishment.

Pizzachatbot is the solution!


HOW IT WORKS (Summary)

As simple as this:

1. Register and set up your business and menus

Configure in a few minutes your menus and prices in Pizzachatbot, uploading attractive pictures of the food you prepare every day.

2. Define how you will receive payments

Activate the payment method you want to use to confirm your customers' orders.

3. Your QR Code

Generate the QR code that will give access to your menu to place orders via web or Whatsapp.

4. That's all!

Share the QR code on your website, social networks, newsletters or send it to your regular customers to let them know that your dishes are now available. You can even print it and display it on your door or shop window so that passers-by can scan it with their cell phones!


HOW IT WORKS (Detailed)

Well, you're really interested and need more detailed explanation. Let's go:

1. Choose a Plan

We have a Free Plan (no credit car required) or you can try a paid one with 14 day trial period to request a refund. No risk so feel free and happy to use this simple and easy platform.

2. Register your business

After you had chosen a Plan, register the basic data of your business, bar or restaurant: name, description, address...

Register your business

3. Get your password

You will receive an email like this with a password to enter our website. Don't worry, you can change the password whenever you want... but watch out for the spam folder!

Password by mail

4. Login to your account

You are in! The first thing you will see is your Dashboard. There you will see summarized information about your orders, sales, etc.


5. Set up your business

Go to the Restaurant menu section. Here you will be able to define in a few seconds the identity of your business with its name, logo and a delicious image for your customers. IMPORTANT: here you must write the Whatsapp number where you will chat with your customers.

You can also inform where your bar or restaurant is located to pick up orders and the opening hours and online service in Whatsapp.

Restaurant management

If you have chosen a Plan where you can collect orders, congratulations! Here you can set up your Mollie account to receive payments directly without any intermediary, fee or commission. Our claim is... IT'S YOUR BUSINESS, IT'S YOUR MONEY!

Click Save and... ready! You have your landing page in just like our demo restaurant.

6. Create your menu

Now go to the menu option Menu. Here is where you will create your own menu with your dishes. You will see how easy it is.

First af all, add the categories or groups such as salads, pizzas, meats...

Add categoríes

Click on the '+' button to create the food your customers can order. Be sure to upload an appetizing image and the prices they can order.


If you need to add variations or extras to your dishes, don't worry, go back to the dish you have defined and do whatever you need.


You're done? perfect! Now comes the most important thing: SHARE IT.


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